About Us

The SAIEE Student Chapter was established at Nelson Mandela University to provide Electrical Engineering students with the opportunity to become engaged with the world of Electrical Engineering and to assist them with information relevant to their career path.

“If it’s easy you are doing it wrong” ELEC ENG

More Info


  • SAIEE student chapter information session : 1st years at University Welcoming Ceremony (January 2020)
  • SAIEE Student Chapter Information session: 2nd and 3rd years (February 2020)



SAIEE Memberships are divided into five catergories namely:

  • Student membership 
  • Associate membership
  • Full membership
  • Senior membership
  • Fellowship membership

Steps on how to become a Student Member

Contact Us
Mr Ikho Bambiso
Tel: 27 41 504 3542

Mrs Lizl Blom
Administrative Professional
Tel: 27 41 504 1111